2019 Women’s Empowerment Summit | El Paso, TX

A Transforming Faith Event


MOCHA Enterprises

Stop by Our Booth Sept. 14th

The Women’s Empowerment Summit is an initiative of Sisters of Inspiration (SOI) in connection with BlackElPaso.com. SOI exists to encourage, inspire, and empower women to take control of their lives and eliminate negative tropes and stereotypes. While we are growing and evolving as women, there are still issues to tackle in our communities regarding our treatment of one another.

We’re Better Together!

We are challenging all women to break the cycle when it comes to tearing one another down and start building one another up. Mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally, we can all be refreshed.

We want you to leave expecting greater gains in your personal life.

Get rid of self-doubt. Be empowered. Find your purpose. Grow! Connect! Network! Be a positive vibe in someone’s life.

This event features speakers and panelists who care about empowering women. From business to spiritual self-care, come out and meet others who desire to live life peacefully and in the company of other women who genuinely want to see you soar.

Panel Discussion with Audience Participation

Attendees participate in this Q&A fireside chat about the next steps to growing as women, together. From our confidence when it comes to soaring higher to our behavior at home and in the community… what’s next?